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What is food sovereignty?

Communities can be food secure but not have access to fresh, healthy food. GGA believes in food sovereignty — that it matters where our calories come from. Communities with limited or no access to healthy food are at increased risk of diet-related diseases.

About Us

Combined, our three partner farms grow approximately 5,000 lbs of high quality produce each year. Next year, we are positioned to produce even more as Paideia relocates its urban farm to a larger plot of land in south Atlanta. The new farm will be closer to THES and the women’s center, which will allow the alliance to better support each other.

A Special Thanks to Our Partners

Urban Recipe - Dignity Tastes Good
Purpose Built Schools

Growing Justice

Growing Justice is a partner of GGA and helps to facilitate garden-based education and training for justice-involved persons in reentry programs and prisons in the Atlanta area. We facilitate healing and transformation for people, communities and the planet through regenerative farming practices and health education.